Meet the Coach

The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.

Oprah Winfrey

Now I ain’t as wise as the great Oprah but that is one powerful quote.

Read it again, and let it sink in.

And that’s the secret to training for success, it’s attitude. I’m not in business to sell you lies or a false image, my job is to help you believe in what is possible. It’s about shaping your attitude. 

Quick fire questions 

Taken from a recent interview with James Hardy at

1. What is your preferred training style?

My training style is focused around the client. It’s not about what I can lift or how far I can run, its about tailoring each session to get the most out of you. I think that some trainers fall into a trap of making it about their abilities and body shape and this can be off putting to someone who’s never trained before. The key to a well delivered training session is enjoyment…and sweat.

2.  What got you into training?

I suppose its always been there James. I’ve always used training to help find a balance. It’s the sense of escape from the daily grind. The release after training clears the mind and helps give me a fresh perspective.

3. Who is your ideal client?

Wouldn’t say I have one. No two clients are the same, each has their own unique behaviours. My proudest is when I see a client lacking motivation and confidence on the first day we meet and in just a few sessions to see them grow in confidence, laugh and relax is extremely rewarding.

4. What Barry would you say is the result you’re most often hired for?

I’d say motivation. I differ from most PTs in the sense that I don’t do before and after shots (only upon request). The reason, this is not about me its about the client. It’s their unique journey I am helping them on. It’s not solely about weight loss or muscle definition but the journey itself. You cannot capture this in a photo but you can gain an understanding in what it means to them when they leave a testimonial or send in a thank you card. 

5. Have you a favourite piece of gym or therapy equipment?

Has to be a Tractor tyre. Cost me nothing yet I’ve spent hours training with it. The amount of fun workouts I’ve done with these is insane. From jumps to bopping it with a sledge hammer. Don’t stress It’s mostly me who uses them.

6. Quote about training.

The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something you can do it as long as you really believe 100% – Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Thanks for your time Barry and all the best to you and your clients.